Conference Agenda

Thursday 20th July 2017, Church House, Westminster SW1P 3NZ

09:30 - 10:50 Plenary

Conference Chair, Phil Gibson, Chair, Innopsis

The Speakers:

David Corbett, NHS WiFi Programme Director, NHS Digital

Nicola Hinchley, Digital Primary Care (GPIT) Programme Lead/SME, NHS England
NHS England will give an overview on how the Wi-Fi programme fits in its strategic ambitions of delivering successful and sustainable improvements in care across the NHS and for primary care in particular. The roles and responsibilities of local, regional and national organisations, including GP IT delivery partners, will be pivotal in delivering these ambitions. Together with NHS Digital, an update on the current position will be presented to lay the foundation in meeting the challenge of deploying the service by December 2017 in all GP sites.

Adrian Purcell, Benefits Programme Manager, NHS WiFi, NHS Digital

Andy Smith, Programme Manager, Health Digital Services, NHS Digital
All CCGs in England have now been allocated funding to rollout Wi-Fi in GP practices by December 2017. NHS Digital will share any best practice models and lessons learned from the 20 CCGs who acted as early adopters and successfully procured and implemented Wi-Fi by March 2017.
The session will provide detail on the purpose, requirement and procurement of Wi-Fi systems in primary care and outline the support available to enable the remaining 90% of CCGs to deliver and have working Wi-Fi across GP surgeries by the end of December 2017.

Paul Weiser, Category Manager, Technology Aggregation, Crown Commercial Service
Crown Commercial Service (CCS) brings together policy, advice and direct buying together in a single organisation to make savings for customers in central government and the wider public sector, achieve maximum value from commercial relationships and improve the quality of service delivery across government.  We work with over 17,000 customer organisations in the public sector and our services are provided by more than 5,000 suppliers.  
We have commercial and industry expertise and generate savings by centralising buying requirements for common goods and services.  Aggregation achieves optimum pricing through economies of scale and volume, and reduces costs for both customers and suppliers.  The aggregation team works closely with NHS Digital, NHS England and LPP as well as other procurement organisations, and has run over 50 aggregated procurements with an average saving of 31%.  

Edward Bellamy, Product Director, Egton
Unlocking the potential of NHS WiFi

Following a 30 minute refreshment break the day continues with a series of presentations on subjects such as, but not limited to:

11:15 Practice WiFi case study - delivering for our customers
A look at a recent NHS WiFi project implementing across a CCGs member practices. Exploring the challenges and successes in delivering NHS WiFi at scale, sharing learnings, outcomes and best practice from both Egton's and the customer's perspective.

Graham Brown, Marketing Manager, Egton
Dan Shelton-Smith, Project Manager, Surrey GP WiFi

11:40 Harnessing the power of WiFi to improve the patient experience
Since its creation more than 70 years ago the NHS has been at the forefront of cutting-edge medical technology. The opportunity to connect patients, visitors and staff to free WiFi hotspots is another step on that journey to enhance 'patient experience' and improve medical care. We will look at the landscape of challenges and identify solutions to the provision of fast,secure and scalable WiFi connectivity across a distributed environment. We will also explore how to create repeatable deployments to maximise efficiency and reduce sost of delivery across the NHS.

Richard Beeston, Product Director Networking, Daisy Group

12:05 WiFi - what will it really change for the NHS?
At O2 we have long used O2 WiFi to supplement our cellular network, with our WiFi service always being 100% free for end users. This model works perfectly in the NHS environment and our customers talk to us regularly about public access WiFi, clinician WiFi, or a mixture of the two. But what will pervasive WiFi really change for the NHS?

Alex will talk about some of the additional services that O2 sees as being particularly relevant in the NHS setting:

- Making a success of EPR implementation
- Improving patient flow to enhance A&E performance
- Tracking assets, staff and patients
- How big data can help the NHS better understand population behaviour and impact

Alex Walter, Managing Partner Healthcare, O2 WiFi

12:30 Providing security and WiFi to mission-critical networks
telent Technology Services is at the forefront of the digital revolution delivering solutions and services for mission-critical wireless infrastructures and has delivered some of the highest performing networks in operation today.

This session will give an insight into how we provide a range of solutions to the NHS and other Blue light organisations. These include 660 WiFi access points at Kingston NHS Trust, wireless LAN ans wireless panic alarms at Hammersmith and Fulham Mental Health Unit and Mobile Data Terminals for London Ambulance Service.

Marc Woosnam, Head of Pre-Sales Consultancy, telent Technology Solutions

12:55 Q&A

13:15 Lunch and networking

14:00 More than just WiFi - a masterclass
Dean will lead a WiFi masterclass from the simple to the complex. He will outline potential pitfalls and things to consider, and share his experience as the Chief Commercial Officer of the leading provider of patient access WiFi to the NHS.

Dean Moody, Chief Commercial Officer, WiFi SPARK

14:25 Guest WiFi services
In this session we will demonstrate how our cost-effective, safe and secure turn-key solution can deliver Guest WiFi, which includes services such as meal ordering and surveys, to achieve your CQUIN target, via our powerful yet intuitive WiFi Portal. Our existing network infrastructure reduces the capital investment, overhead and complexity of deploying WiFi. It is quick to install, reducing the impact on patients, staff and your IT services, ensuring peace of mind and a great user experience.

Steven Killick, Senior Product Manager, Hospedia Patient Centred Care Platform

14:50 Q&A

15:00 Refreshments and networking

15:25 Notes from the field - it's not just about the wireless
Interoperability, accountability and collaboration will be key for health and social care organisations to benefit from the planned connectivity improvements to the NHS. The HSCN programme is focused on delivering an integrated, multi-vendor networking approach, which includes cost effective Wireless, LAN and integrated Wide Area Network (WAN) solutions.

In this session, David will cover the connectivity options available to you and explain how an end-to-end, multi-vendor approach can in practice reduce your cost of ownership and ensure better value for money.

David Joplin, Sales and Marketing Director, Convergence Group

15:50 - 16:15 Panel debate and Q&A

Chair, Phil Gibson
, Chair, Innopsis

David Corbett
, NHS WiFi Programme Director, NHS Digital

David Kershaw
, Lead Commercial Manager, NHS Digital

Richard Willocks
, Technical Architect, NHS Digital

Tracy Scriven, Director, Healthcare UK, representing WiFi SPARK

16:15 - 17:00 Drinks reception

Agenda, speakers and timings are subject to change